As humans, we all have habits and routines. Some habits are harmless, while others can be quite costly. Here are the following bad plumbing habits you want to avoid in your Henderson, Kentucky, home:

Flushing the Unflushable

The toilet is very convenient for disposing of items, making it very tempting to flush things like kitty litter, baby wipes, and feminine hygiene items. While these items appear to go down the drain just like toilet paper, they don’t dissolve in the same manner. Flushing these items instead of throwing them in the trash can cause a significant blockage in your sewer line, leading to costly repairs.

Abusing Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is another convenient home item that, if misused, can end up costing you money in repairs. When you use your disposal, make sure that the water is running to prevent clogs. There are certain items that you should never place in your garbage disposal. These include bones, fruit pits, and other hard objects. Hard items never fully break down and can cause dulling of your disposal’s blades. Grease, pasta, and coffee grounds can also cause blockages in your disposal and your sewer line.

Ignoring Plumbing Problems

Even if you don’t misuse your plumbing system, problems can develop naturally from regular use. Ignoring a little problem, such as a leak, can lead to more significant and costly issues. That tiny drip coming from your bathroom sink is causing your water bill to go up. It can eventually lead to pipe damage, causing your pipe to burst. It’s essential to call a plumbing professional if you notice any leaks or other plumbing issues.

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