Want to reduce your utility bills while keeping your home ice cold in the sweltering heat? With routine heating and AC maintenance from OnTIME Service, now you can!

    Benefits of Preventive HVAC Maintenance

    HVAC Service Regular tune-ups serve an important role in a complete maintenance program. Neglected HVAC systems often break down frequently, cost more to operate and need to be replaced sooner.

    No matter what brand of equipment you own, our heating and air conditioning maintenance plans will help protect your unit from the problems that cause unexpected malfunctions and premature equipment failure.

    When you purchase an OnTIME Service maintenance plan, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits:
    • Enhanced comfort and air quality of your home
    • Extended lifespan of your equipment and prevent major repairs
    • Generous maintenance cost savings
    • Stopping potential problems in their tracks
    • Improved efficiency and reduced energy costs

    When you turn to OnTIME Service for your tune-ups, you’ll never have to worry about poor service that keeps your system from performing at its best.

    Comprehensive HVAC Maintenance

    HVAC maintenance is still the best investment you can make for peace of mind during the most severe seasonal weather. Equipment manufacturers have documented the difference regular maintenance makes in overall equipment performance, and that’s why they’ve made it a provision of their continuing warranty coverage.

    Twice a year in the offseason, our NATE-certified technicians visit your home to test, optimize, clean and inspect your HVAC equipment. They’ll find small problems and correct them before they become major headaches during bad weather. Here are just some of the many maintenance services our plan members receive:

    Tune up

    Furnace Maintenance
    • Measure furnace gas pressure
    • Test and inspect the blower assembly
    • Check the heat exchanger
    • Check the b-vent assembly
    • Test the flame sensor
    • Check the ignition system
    • Adjust gas burners if necessary
    • Test safety controls
    • Inspect and test the gas valve
    Heat Pump and A/C Maintenance
    • Clean condenser coils
    • Clean debris from the condenser
    • Test refrigerant charge
    • Inspect evaporator coil
    • Clear out the drain line
    • Clean and inspect drain pan
    • Clean air handler
    • Inspect and change filters where necessary
    • Check airflow settings
    • Tighten electrical connections
    • Test voltage
    • Test and confirm amp draw

    Choose OnTIME Service for Your HVAC Maintenance Services

    By signing up for an OnTIME Service heating and cooling maintenance agreement, you’ll not only be taking proper steps to extend the life expectancy of your unit and save on your utility bill, but you’ll also get special perks. To learn more about OnTIME Service’s Preventative Maintenance Club, contact us today.

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