AC maintenance in Henderson, KY is a must for any homeowner, and this is for several reasons. Without an AC tune-up every year, your system, regardless of brand or model and regardless of whether it uses ducts or not, will wear down. Dirt buildup and out-of-balance parts will take away from efficient performance and contribute to overheating. You may start to notice the unit shutting down before it cools your home. This leads to sometimes costly repairs in the middle of summer. And in the meantime, your monthly bill may increase.

Maintenance will prevent this and reduce the number of repairs you need during the year. And whatever repair needs that do arise won’t be so extensive and costly. You save in the long run, too, because tune-ups keep a system running for the full number of years the manufacturer intended for it. That could be 15 years for central heat pumps and gas furnaces and 30 years for mini-split systems. Lastly, there’s the fact that manufacturers won’t honor their warranties if customers are neglecting their system.