Heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways to keep your home comfortable year-round. From reliable summer cooling to economical winter heating, heat pumps do it all.

    Heat Pump Repair That’s Always on Time

    Trane heat pump If there’s a problem with your HVAC, you want a speedy and on-time response to your call for help. At OnTIME Service, we won’t keep you waiting.

    If we’re not on time, the service call is on us. The easiest way to tell when you need heat pump repair is when the unit isn’t working as it should.

    It might be stuck in one mode. In that case, it won’t heat or cool at all. Loud noises, foul smells, poor airflow, high indoor humidity and escalating utility bills all signify a need for heat pump maintenance or heat pump repair. Call us for troubleshooting help if you’re not sure what to do.

    Heat Pump Installation in Henderson, Evansville and Owensboro

    Heat Pumps

    If your existing HVAC is nearing the end of its run, heat pump installation is a popular replacement option. One unit supplies both heating and cooling, and you’ll see significant savings on your energy bills. Compared to furnaces, heat pumps have an effective efficiency of 300 percent. Even the most energy-efficient furnaces are only 95 percent efficient. We perform a full load calculation prior to installation to ensure that the new unit is properly sized for your space. Our service experts are experienced HVAC installers with advanced technical expertise. They perform meticulous installations while keeping disruptions in your home to a minimum.

    Some HVAC systems are too old or too neglected to be worth the cost of repair. In that case, we can perform an emergency heat pump installation. We’ll help you save on installation costs, and installing the unit will be our top priority. All heat pump installations are covered by our one-year risk-free test drive, a 10-year warranty and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

    Maintenance and Annual Service for Heat Pumps

    Heat pumps generally enjoy a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. The longer-lived units usually receive regular maintenance. Units that receive spotty maintenance almost always have shorter service lives. Annual heat pump tune-ups reduce unexpected repairs and breakdowns by a large margin. Maintenance helps you save on utility bills, and a well-tuned heat pump will keep your home more comfortable. We can keep your heat pump going strong for the length of its service life, and it only needs service once every year.

    At OnTIME Service, we’re here 24/7 for heat pump repair and emergency heat pump replacement. Contact us today to schedule service or to get help with troubleshooting your system.


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