If you’re looking for a sleek, cost-efficient solution to central units and stubbornly hot rooms, OnTIME Service can help.

    You’ll find top-quality Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning systems that offer:
    • Dramatic energy efficiency compared to traditional systems
    • Disruption-free installation in almost any application
    • Affordable cooling directed to different zones
    • Extremely reliable and well-made equipment
    • Whisper-quiet operation
    • Multiple indoor unit styles to fit your space and cooling needs

    Quick and Hassle-Free Ductless AC System Installation

    One of the many benefits of choosing a Mitsubishi ductless mini-split AC is the ease of installation. With a ductless air conditioner, there is no messy ductwork required. This means there’s no interruption to your daily life or costly remodeling work to worry about.

    A highly trained and skilled technician will come to your home and quickly install your system that consists of a simple, elegant indoor unit and an easy-to-hide outdoor unit. Both units mount very discreetly in your space while offering flexible comfort solutions.

    Whole-Home Cooling with Ductless Air Conditioning

    Smaller homes or apartments — including detached granny units or cottages — are often ideal candidates for ductless heating and cooling. Since installing ductwork in these applications may be impractical as well as costly, ductless can prove highly desirable as an alternative source of cooling for such applications.

    In addition to not using much-needed indoor space for installing ductwork, these solutions offer space-saving designs that place air handlers high up on the wall or recess them into the ceiling. They can do the work of home cooling while remaining well out of the way.

    Fixing Ductless

    The Supplemental Ductless AC Option

    Ductless also works well as a supplement to the home’s primary cooling system. In cases where it would be impractical to extend the ductwork to accommodate parts of the home that don’t already contain it, ductless AC can provide the perfect solution.

    Some applications where a homeowner might consider using ductless in this way include the following:
    • Room additions
    • Attached granny units
    • Finished basements
    • Converted garages
    • Rec rooms
    • Sunrooms

    Why Choose OnTIME Service for Ductless AC

    For the right AC applications, ductless has a great deal to offer homeowners. In addition to saving space and avoiding the need to install ductwork, this versatile solution can allow convenient home zoning by pairing multiple air handlers with a single outdoor unit.

    The service experts at OnTIME Service are background screened, NATE-certified, and drug tested. They learn on our dime, not yours. We offer a longer warranty of 2 years on all workmanship.


    Call OnTIME Service today to learn more about the options available for cooling your home with ductless AC.
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