Are you searching for a cost-effective solution to poor IAQ? Don’t rush out to buy an air purifier just yet. When dirty and faulty filters are ignored, they stop climate control units from working right and allow hazardous debris to enter the ducts throughout your Henderson, Kentucky, home. Here are three signs it’s time to replace the filter in your heating and cooling equipment:

A Nagging Cough

Whenever you turn on your HVAC system, you shouldn’t get sick or start coughing a lot. If your sinuses do flare up, the air coming from the vents is likely the issue. Place the blame on your system’s air filter because it’s either damaged or covered in crud. To keep airborne contaminants to a minimum to protect your lungs and health, put in a new filter when you first notice that something is wrong with the HVAC unit.

Bills Keep Going Up

Don’t overlook your HVAC system if you have to pay a high energy bill every month. When it develops a problem, it uses more power than normal. That’s why your energy bills can skyrocket if your system’s filter is ineffective. If you want to save your hard-earned money, be on the lookout for this sign. The Environmental Protection Agency claims that climate control units consume more energy than any other electrical appliance. A dirty filter makes matters worse by reducing the system’s efficiency levels, so replace this component if your bills are higher than usual.

Dusty Vent Covers

Inspect the vents in several rooms. If a large amount of dust is on them, it’s reasonable to assume that your system’s filter is no longer doing a good job. This means it may be due for replacement. Contact OnTIME Service to get assistance with your indoor air quality or for more information on air filters.

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