Poor airflow can make your home feel like stuffy and undercooled. From lack of maintenance work to more serious issues requiring repair, various things cause low airflow. In this article, we discuss four things with the potential to affect airflow in your Henderson, KY, home.

Dirty Filters

It’s important you remember to change your HVAC filter just as often during the summer as you do during the winter. Filters left forgotten and dirty pull in more dust and other debris, eventually becoming clogged. At this point, it’s harder for air to pass through the filter and into your duct system, slowing overall system airflow and lowering air conditioner performance.

Low AC Refrigerant

Without enough refrigerant, your AC will run all the time but without cooling your home. If your AC unit is an older one or it hasn’t received yearly tune-ups, this problem is likely.

Dirty Air Conditioner Coils

It’s not just the filter that gets dirty but the actual air conditioner as well, particularly the condenser coils. Dirty coils cause your air conditioner to run poorly, consuming more electricity than normal. A technician knows how to properly clean these coils during a maintenance appointment.

Ductwork Issues

Your HVAC system is much more than just your air conditioner and furnace with ductwork compromising a large portion of it. As ductwork ages, it garners normal wear and tear just like the rest of your HVAC system, especially if they’re not cleaned every few years. This wear and tear can leave holes, cracks or other gaps in your ducts, allowing air to leak through and cause issues.

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