Geothermal systems transfer heat to and from the ground to heat or cool your home. Because they don’t generate heat, they’re eco-friendly, energy-saving and money-saving. Like other HVAC systems in Evansville, IN, they need regular maintenance, or they can develop any of the problems below.

1. Leaking Ground Loops

Leaks aren’t common but can still occur around the gaskets connecting the pipes. The plastic pipes don’t corrode like metal pipes would, and this reduces the risk of a leak. However, when a leak happens, it’s slow and insignificant at first.

When the system loses enough water, the heat pump will lose its heating or cooling efficiency. A geothermal heat pump expert can inspect the system and identify and fix the leak.

2. Dirty Air Filters

Dirty filters restrict airflow in your HVAC system. Reduced airflow results in reduced heating or cooling of rooms and reduced geothermal operational efficiency. Cleaning or replacing the air filter will solve the problem.

3. Broken Pump

Geothermal systems rely on a pump to circulate water through a ground loop to the ground and back to the indoor unit. If the pump breaks, the water doesn’t circulate and neither does the heat. A broken pipe causes the entire geothermal system to stall and a geothermal heat pump expert can help assess whether a repair or replacement is necessary.

4. Improper Pressure at the Ground Loop

As the geothermal system ages, the ground loops tend to expand and pressure in the loops reduces. A reduction in pressure reduces the rate of flow of water in the loops, thereby reducing the efficiency of the geothermal system in heating or cooling your home. A professional can assess the system and add more water or recommend replacement of the ground loops to get the right pressure.

Heat pumps also suffer typical issues, such as clogged drains, tripped pump breakers, and bad blower fans, which a professional can help solve. Call OnTIME Service in Evansville, IN, for geothermal heat pump services, furnace services, HVAC services and indoor air quality services among others.

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