Water leaks are a common issue in bathrooms, basements and kitchens. Noticing and fixing water leaks on time is vital in protecting your Henderson, KY home from minor and major damages. Here are some dangers of a hidden water leak and why you should address them right away.

1. Water Contamination

When leaks happen from a burst or broken pipe, you might experience water contamination because contaminants enter the broken pipe. It’s easy because of the pressure drop from a water leak or a change that attracts contaminants. For instance, a leaking pipe can suck water from the surroundings and soil particles or other contaminants.

2. Health Effects

Damp places build up moisture quickly, which encourages biological growth. It poses serious health risks, such as respiratory issues and asthma. Biological growth and spores can affect your indoor air quality and cause symptoms such as allergic reactions, sneezing and skin irritations.

3. Structural Damage

Another danger of hidden water leaks is damage to your home, appliances or plumbing system. Areas that water leaks often affect include ceiling joints and wall framing. All that can cause damage and costly repairs, so it’s vital to detect and fix leaks before they escalate and cause structural damage.

4. High Utility Bills

Hidden water leaks can cause a sudden increase in your monthly water bills because you pay for the water you don’t use. Besides the water bills, hidden leaks can also cause high electricity bills because the HVAC system strains to cool the humid environment. It’s best to hire an expert if you notice water leak signs, such as gurgling sounds and low water pressure.

It’s best to prepare in advance and avoid these dangers by being on the lookout for signs of water leaks and fixing them immediately. Contact the experts for leak detection and repairs when you notice signs, such as corrosion, strange plumbing noises, and water stains on ceilings. Call OnTIME Service anytime to schedule an appointment with our team for professional plumbing services.

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