As a homeowner Evansville, Indiana, at some point, you might need to upgrade the system you have. Ductless systems are a relatively new technology that eliminated the need for adding ductwork, but in spite of their growing popularity, there are still some myths about these systems. Let’s dispel some ductless myths to help you decide if it’s the right system for you.

It’s Only For New Homes

Ductless air conditioning is a good choice for both new homes and older homes. You can install it in an older home if you want to modernize your system without having to assemble ductwork. The units are easy for a professional to install, and they don’t take up much space.

Ductless Systems Are Noisy

When ductless air conditioning first came out, the systems tended to be noisy, but modern systems now use noise-reducing technology. The compressor sits outside and, with the new technology, you and your neighbors won’t notice much noise.

They Are Bad For Air Quality

Ductless systems are not bad for air quality. Some people have the misconception that this type of air conditioning collects bacteria and circulates it back into the air. In fact, these systems have filters and self-cleaning functions that will purify the air. Some units actually clean the air better than a ducted system by trapping allergens and keeping them from entering back into the air. There is also an internal blower that dries the heat exchanger reducing the risk of mold.

They Are Only For Spot Cooling

A ductless unit will spread the cool air evenly throughout the room and your home. While they can help with effectively zoning an area, that’s not all they’re designed for.

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