When the Henderson, Kentucky, nights get cold, you want to make sure your heat pump can last throughout the season. Is your heat pump working properly? Here are the following signs you need a heat pump repair:

Unusual Noises

You know what your heat pump normally sounds like. If those sounds change and you hear groaning or rattling noises, the heat pump might need repairs to operate efficiently and effectively all winter long.

Higher Heating Bills

When the colder months hit, you know you’re going to have an increased energy bill. But if that bill shoots through the roof, something is wrong. It could very well be your heat pump. It won’t use nearly as much energy if it is running efficiently. Get a checkup, complete with any repairs necessary. If you maintain the unit well, it will operate more effectively and efficiently for you.

Less Warm Air

If the amount of heat coming through the vents seems to be a lot less than it has been in the past, it’s time for repairs. You might have a leak or a faulty component that’s impacting the temperature of the air coming into your home.

Short Cycles

If your heat pump is turning on and off constantly, it’s not working properly. Get your heat pump inspected so you can take care of any needed repairs.

Old Age

Check the lifetime of the heat pump with the manufacturer. How long is it expected to last? Has it ever been serviced? Some simple repairs could keep it running effectively longer, but older systems are prone to having more issues.

If you’ve noticed any signs of repair needs in your heat pump, call the heating experts at OnTIME Service at 270-698-9774 to learn more. We’re here to make sure your Henderson, Kentucky, home is warm and comfortable for your family.

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