Whether you own a central air conditioner or a number of mini-splits, you’ll want yearly AC maintenance in Madisonville, KY. There are many things that an AC tune-up can do. By eliminating a lot of small issues before they grow, tune-ups prevent major repairs.

At the most, you may only need to call a technician for one or two small, inexpensive fixes during the year, and they won’t hinder you from enjoying consistent indoor comfort. Tune-ups also keep a system running efficiently, which can make a positive impact on your monthly bill.

An efficient AC unit with few or no issues to hinder its performance will definitely last longer, too. With maintenance, central AC units can last a good 15 years, assuming that you don’t overuse it and set a reasonable temperature on your thermostat. Mini-splits can go for 30 years under the same conditions. Besides that, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your manufacturer will more likely honor its warranty when it sees that you’re getting professional maintenance.