Owning a pet has many benefits, including lower blood pressure, better mental health, and an increase in physical activity. However, furry pets may decrease your Owensboro, KY, home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). Here are some tips on how to improve your IAQ as a pet owner so that you and your furry household members can enjoy optimal health and comfort.

Practice Good Pet Care

If you’re a dog owner, wipe your dog’s feet after each walk before entering the house. This removes bacteria, viruses and dirt. Brush your pet’s fur regularly. If possible, do the brushing outdoors. This allows the dander and fluff to float away instead of getting spread throughout your home. Regular combing minimizes dander. Keep up with regular grooming sessions at the dog groomer or vet.

Change Your HVAC Filter

One of the most important things you can do for your home’s IAQ is to change your HVAC filter. Check the filter once every month. If it’s dirty, replace it. Clogged air filters allow all sorts of particulates to spread throughout your home. Those particulates trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Choose an air filter with a high minimum efficiency reported value (MERV) rating. MERV ratings range from 1 to 16. The higher the MERV rating, the smaller the particles the filter traps, explains the Department of Energy.

Frequently Clean Your Home

Regular brushing will not prevent your furry pet from shedding. It’s also important to vacuum or use a wet sweeper daily. Be sure to clean floors daily. You’ll pick up the shed fur, dust and other allergens. Make sure your vacuum has a high-efficiency particulate air filter. Consider a vacuum made for homes with pets. Use the upholstery brush on sofas, chairs and drapes. Dusting flat surfaces will also help lower allergen levels in your home.

For more tips on improving indoor air quality with furry pets in your home, check out OnTIME Service’s indoor air quality services, or call us today for additional info.

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