Employers in Newburgh, IN, focus on efficiency, driving employee satisfaction and empowerment. They combine these efforts with training and education to produce a capable, qualified staff. One often-overlooked productivity booster is indoor air quality, which can play a significant part in whether employees are productive.

Inadequate Ventilation Poses Several Health Risks

A 2000 study published by the National Institutes of Health found consistent associations of increased sick leave with lower levels of ventilation. Without proper ventilation, employees experience more illness, reducing productivity and increasing absenteeism.

Many other studies show the link between ventilation and absenteeism. Proper ventilation reduces respiratory infections, asthma and allergies. Healthier employees mean increased productivity.

Improper Ventilation Hinders Decision-making

Studies have also shown that better indoor air quality leads to better decision-making. The benefits are even greater as related to strategic thinking. Planning, preparing and brainstorming activities reap strong benefits from quality air.

Poor Indoor Air Quality Affects Mental Health and Mood

While proper ventilation is critical to indoor air quality, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Poor air quality also worsens symptoms of depression. Poor air quality may also cause depression in healthy adults.

Many options are available to increase the quality of air in your business. A professional technician can review all the indoor air quality options available to ensure workplace health and productivity, such as air purification and humidity control.

In recent years, many companies have rolled out large employee wellness programs. Many fail to address indoor air quality, a fundamental piece of the wellness puzzle. Incorporating this element into your program benefits employee health, job satisfaction and productivity.

If you’re unsure of the air quality at your business, schedule a commercial HVAC maintenance appointment with OnTIME Service in Newburgh, IN, today to review your options. One of our courteous, professional technicians will be happy to develop a plan with you to improve your air quality.

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