As we get further into springtime, we’re all aware that summer is quickly coming to Owensboro, KY. When temperatures outside start rising, you’ll rely more and more on your HVAC system to keep you comfortable. Here are four reasons to arrange for spring HVAC maintenance before the heat waves begin.

1. Increased Comfort

In order for your HVAC system to keep you as comfortable as possible, every component needs to run at its best. During a maintenance visit, one of our service technicians will take a look at every part of your HVAC system to make sure it’s running at its peak. When each part of the system is operating correctly, your home will be more comfortable.

2. Decreased Utility Bills

In addition to improving comfort, professional HVAC maintenance boosts efficiency. Your HVAC system came with an efficiency rating based on the assumption that every part was running the way it’s designed to. When your system operates at peak efficiency, you can enjoy comfort without worrying about an increase in utility bills.

3. Prevent Future Breakdowns

You don’t want to experience a system breakdown in the middle of summer. Fortunately, our technicians know how to identify issues that could cause future problems and can resolve them before you need air conditioning repairs.

4. Warranty Protection

Even though your HVAC system comes with a warranty, there are certain conditions that you must meet in order to keep it valid. Regular HVAC maintenance from a professional service technician is one of the conditions that warranties typically require. If you let the warranty lapse, you’ll need to pay for replacement parts and future repairs.

It’s important that you schedule your spring HVAC tune-up before summer sets in. Call OnTIME Service today to find out about our maintenance plans and the rest of our HVAC services.

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