It helps to have an efficient furnace to remain warm and comfortable throughout the winter months in Owensboro, KY. If you have an old heating system or if your current one keeps breaking down, the chances are that it’s not as efficient as before. Look out for the following common signs of an inefficient furnace.

1. Constant Cycling

If your furnace has to run throughout the day to keep your home warm, it might have a burner issue. You may also notice that it takes longer than usual to heat your home after adjusting the thermostat. It’s best to schedule a tune-up to enhance the system’s efficiency, or you could hire an expert for repairs.

2. Furnace Blasts Out Cold Air

If you turn on your furnace and it produces cold air, it might signify clogged air filters that restrict airflow. Poor airflow causes the heat exchanger to overheat and prevents the limit switch from functioning as it should. Call a heating repair expert to change the air filters or to fix other components that interfere with the system’s efficiency.

3. It’s Expensive to Operate the Furnace

An inefficient furnace uses more energy than it should to heat your home, leading to higher utility bills. If you notice a spike in your heating bills that don’t match your regular usage, it may indicate a malfunctioning heating system. Hire a reputable HVAC technician to inspect it and to resolve the issue to enhance its efficiency.

4. Low AFUE Rating

Older furnaces often have lower AFUE ratings, and they waste a lot of energy. If your heating system is an old model, the chances are that it’s inefficient because its AFUE rating is less than 80%. Talk to a heating contractor to help determine your current heating system’s AFUE rating, and replace your unit with an efficient system if necessary.

Get in touch with an HVAC technician if you notice any of the above signs of an inefficient furnace. An expert can repair the heating system to improve efficiency, or they can recommend a replacement unit. Get in touch with OnTIME Service today for professional furnace installation and for more information about furnace efficiency.

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