Issues with your air conditioner? Are you considering handling it yourself? While we understand why this prospect might be tempting, there are many reasons why this is not the best idea. The only answer for AC maintenance is to bring in one of our HVAC technicians at OnTIME Service. We are well-versed in all AC maintenance and can help you avoid the many potential issues of doing it yourself. Let’s go through why you should have a trained HVAC technician handle your AC maintenance.


The most important reason not to go the DIY route for maintaining your AC unit is safety. Working on your AC yourself could compromise your safety in many ways, so let’s go through a few of them.

Electrical Shock

Your HVAC system has several high-voltage components. Mishandling these components or making a mistake can lead to getting shocked by a jolt of electricity. There is also the possibility of causing an electrical fire. Either of these scenarios could lead to severe injury or worse.

Hazardous Chemicals

Air conditioning systems use a toxic chemical known as refrigerant. This substance changes hot air into cool air. When improperly handled, refrigerant can lead to severe health issues, death, and pollution of the environment. Service professionals have the proper training, experience, and certifications to handle these chemicals.


Mold could be growing in your air conditioner without you even knowing it. Mold likes to grow in wet and warm areas, making some areas of your AC potentially ideal for it to thrive. If you do DIY work on your air conditioner, there is a risk that you can wind up close to mold and then suffer symptoms related to the exposure.


Some areas of an air conditioner system can be hard to reach, requiring a ladder. It can be challenging to keep balance on a ladder while working on areas of an AC system, such as overhead ductwork. Ladder use makes falling and injuring yourself a genuine possibility.

Quality Work You Can Trust

Another major reason for choosing a professional to handle your AC maintenance is the level of quality work you can expect. For most homeowners, the work is simply too complex. Even an issue that may seem simple at first glance could be too much once you get to a certain point and realize the depth of the problem. There is a real chance that you could spend several days trying to figure out what is causing your air conditioner to malfunction, and then there is the matter of putting in the time to fix it. By having one of our HVAC technicians handle your AC maintenance, you get the assurance that the problem is found and fixed.

The Right Tools for the Job

Even if you have the know-how, you are not guaranteed to have the right tools to maintain every air conditioner issue. Visiting your local hardware store will not supply you with all the tools needed to handle every problem. Most manufacturers have versions of tools available to the general public, and better-quality ones are only sold to licensed professionals.

Professional Advice

When you bring our team to manage your AC maintenance, you get much more than a simple fix. An HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect your system, diagnose your problem, and spot potential areas of concern. We may encounter dirty or failing parts, low refrigerant, clogged ducts, and other possible issues that may not be part of the initial reason you sought out maintenance.

Maintaining the Warranty

Your air conditioner and its components have warranties and guarantees. Unfortunately, these become void if someone other than a contractor does any work on them.

Long-term Maintenance

Air conditioner repairs often become necessary because they do not receive proper professional maintenance. Setting up a maintenance schedule can help you save money and prevent the need for repairs. You will also be offered special deals on future services and the eventual replacement of your air conditioner.

Your Trusted Henderson AC Company

If you are in Henderson, KY, and considering AC maintenance, leave it to OnTIME Service instead. We are a locally owned and operated company with NATE-certified technicians. All our work has our satisfaction guarantee and a warranty. You will receive a complete and detailed estimate. Not only do we perform maintenance on air conditioning systems, but we also provide a full range of services to meet all your heating, cooling, indoor air quality, and plumbing needs. For more on all we can do for your home, call OnTIME Service today.

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