Maintaining good indoor air quality in your Henderson, Kentucky, home is crucial to lower your risk of respiratory problems and reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, many common indoor allergens wreak havoc on your IAQ, and you may not even realize the damage that they can cause.

Household Cleaners

While household cleaners are necessary to keep your home free of dirt and bacteria, these products often contain dangerous volatile air compounds. When they’re released in the air, they can cause a host of medical issues, as well as worsening of allergies and asthma. You can reduce the amount of VOCs in your home by switching to more natural cleaning products such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon.

Pet Dander

For many people, pets are part of the family, and they are often allowed to live where you do. Unfortunately, pet hair and dander can trigger allergies. You can help reduce the amount of hair and dander in your home by regularly grooming and bathing your pet. Also, vacuum and clean the areas they sleep they sleep and frequent are often vacuumed and laundered.


Cockroaches are home invaders and are notoriously known for being difficult to get rid of. Cockroaches can not only be creepy and uninviting, but they also leave behind dirt, urine, and fecal matter, which can have major health consequences. Help prevent an infestation by cockroach-proofing your home. Remove as much clutter as possible, seal up holes they can get through, and clean up food so there are no crumbs for them to feed on. If you detect an infestation, contact an exterminator right away.

Improve the IAQ by removing the common allergens found in your home listed above. Need more tips on how to improve the IAQ in your home? Contact us at (270) 215-4625 today. One of our OnTIME Service specialists will find the best IAQ options for your home to help everyone breathe a little easier.

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