Having reliable warmth throughout the winter season in Owensboro, KY is essential, and there’s always a feeling of despair when your heat pump shows signs of trouble. It’s a lot easier for a professional to fix anything when you know what’s wrong. Here are four symptoms of a malfunctioning heat pump compressor you should know.

Poor Airflow

Poor airflow from your vent is an early indication of an issue with the compressor. Another symptom of a problem is if you place your palm near a vent when the heat pump is working and don’t feel any air at all. When this occurs, it’s time to contact an HVAC specialist for repair and maintenance services.

Unusual Sounds

When there’s a problem with your compressor, it doesn’t necessarily create vibrating noises; additional sounds to keep an eye out for are rattling or clunking noises. These aren’t noises to overlook in the hope that they would disappear on their own; instead, they’ll end up causing greater damage to your heating system if not addressed.

System Vibrates

A vibrating outside unit suggests a significant problem with your compressor or that one is soon to arise. The vibration indicates that the compressor is struggling to turn on. This isn’t a good indication, and you should immediately contact an HVAC specialist in Owensboro, KY.

Electrical Problems

When your heat pump compressor is at the point of failing, it might trip the circuit breaker. When your compressor fails, the outside unit will frequently overheat and use too much electricity. Therefore, if your breaker keeps tripping when your unit starts up, it signifies that there is a definitely problem and a possible need for replacement.

If you’re worried about a potential issue with your heating system, now would be the time to act. Contact OnTIME Service today for all your furnace repair and installation services in Owensboro, KY. Our service technicians also provide expert air conditioning, indoor air quality, ductless AC, duct cleaning and commercial HVAC services.

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