If you find that your air conditioner is frequently freezing up, it is important to address the issue promptly to ensure that it continues to function effectively. A malfunctioning AC can lead to expensive damage that requires repairs, so it is important to take quick action.

The freezing of an AC can be caused by a number of factors, including dirty filters, lack of maintenance, or low refrigerant levels. If you have observed any of these issues, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with OnTIME Service to prevent further damage to your AC unit and ensure a comfortable home environment.

When an air conditioner is frozen, it cannot distribute cold air into your home due to clogged lines. To address this, it is advisable to turn off your AC and to allow it to thaw for one to three hours before turning it back on. It is important to consider the common reasons for air conditioner freezing and take measures to prevent it from happening. Regular maintenance of your AC unit and cleaning or replacing dirty filters can help to prevent freezing and prolong the life of your system.

1. Lack of Airflow

One of the most common reasons for freezing is a lack of airflow. A primary cause of reduced airflow is ductwork damage. Ductwork damage prevents proper airflow over the evaporator coils, causing condensation to develop. The condensation becomes ice because the condenser continues to run.

2. Dirty Air Filter

Depending on your AC, you need to change the filter every one to three months. Failure to change the air filter consistently can result in improper airflow and ice formation. Change your filter regularly to avoid airflow problems and to improve indoor air quality.

3. Low Refrigerant

A system will not have low refrigerant levels unless there is a refrigeration leak. Low refrigerant decreases the pressure inside the system, resulting in water vapor freezing on the coils. Our technicians are highly trained to find leaks and repair them.

4. Broken Blower Fan

Malfunctioning blower fans also cause airflow problems that can lead to freezing. Broken blower fans will cause significant problems with your entire HVAC system, so do not delay seeking repairs. We will check your fan and offer repairs or replacements as necessary.

5. Clogged Drain Lines

The condensate lines are critical for the normal function of an air conditioner. Moisture from the air in your home creates condensation. The condensate lines drain this water from the system.

Clogs cause a backup of water into the AC system that could freeze if the coils are cold. We service condensate lines, flushing them and getting them flowing again.

A frozen AC is not something to take lightly. Continuing to run a frozen air conditioner can result in catastrophic damage to the compressor. What starts as a likely easy and inexpensive fix could turn into a significant repair or replacement bill. Do not take these issues lightly.

Do Not Attempt Repairs Yourself

We all want to save money. It can be tempting to put off AC repair issues or to attempt to fix them yourself. DIY approaches spell disaster for air conditioning repair because you could cause further damage. Without proper training, you could also put your life in danger.

Our technicians are fully trained to work on all kinds of AC systems. They receive ongoing training to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape in the HVAC industry. You can rest assured that our technicians at OnTIME Service will handle all your repair issues.

Expert HVAC Services

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If your AC is freezing up, contact us at OnTIME Service to schedule a diagnostic appointment today.

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